December 18, 2020


Dear Parent Leaders, 

Happy Friday! This is our last End of Week Wrap Up Newsletter for 2020. We will resume publication in January of 2021.


A Year in Review

This has been one of the strangest, longest, and most challenging years that many of us have encountered. We’ve learned to live virtually and have experienced the thrills and defeats of remote learning and working. We have missed weddings, parties, live sports, concerts, and singing in our choirs. 

And yet, even faced with the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic, we have much to be grateful for. We came together as a community to support the families and children of New York City and accomplished wonderful things together.



Thank you to our parents, teachers, principals and superintendents from Districts 7, 16, and 29, for all of your amazing work with FACELab. FACE, our partners, Makeosity, Inc., Robofun and ReLearning Curve were able to create a curriculum that allows students and parent volunteers to be introduced to electrical engineering while working from home. During the 12-week program, over 75 students created electrical circuits and a model airport with a runway, control tower, hanger, and airplane by using electrical components and real engineering tools with the assistance from our mentors and trained parent volunteers.

We are grateful for our partners, Karen Kaun of Makeosity Inc, Laura Hart and her team at Robofun and Josephine Imbimbo of ReLearning Curve. 

Thank you to the students, staff, and parents of PS 156 (29Q156), Concourse Village (07X359), Brooklyn Brownstone (16K628), Brighter Choice (16K627), PS 26 (16K026)

Special thanks to Karen Hymes of the Office of Family and Community Engagement at the New York State Education Department for her support and mentorship of the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) grant that funded our program.

Please check out our students’ AMAZING work at the  Make Everything Possible Website


Parent University

FACE launched Parent University in November of 2020. Parent University is a course registration and management system where NYC families can find free trainings on a wide range of topics. Parent University serves all families, from early childho-od through adulthood, and seeks to educate and empower them as partners and advocates through free courses, resources, events, and activities.


As of this date, there are 158 courses on Parent University, with 23,000+ users and 78,000 views.  


Public Meetings and Parent Leader Supports

FACE, in close collaboration with DOE partners has hosted, managed, or supported:


·         17 Citywide listening tours, information sessions and office hours to an audience of over 100,000 

·         1110+ weekly check ins with Citywide and Community Education members

·         1140+ weekly check ins with President’s Council members

·         400+ CCEC Business and Calendar meetings

·         300+ Presidents’ Council Meetings

·         13 CEC Town Halls with the Chancellor

·         30+ weekly briefings with Adrienne Austin and ECC’s steering committee and CPAC’s executive board

·         30+ FACE End of Week Wrap Up Newsletters to 6,000+ family facing DOE staff and elected parent leaders


Provided Professional Development and Training:

·         10 CEC Trainings for Citywide, Community Education members and Administrative Assistants

·         36 Trainings for PA/PTA/SLT members

·         38 Staff Professional Development sessions, ranging from technology supports at home to mental health supports for families


We did all this with you as partners every step of the way, and we know that you have also done so much as well! 


A huge thank you to all our parent teacher and parent association members and officers, Presidents Councils members, Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) members, community and citywide education council members, Education Council Consortium (ECC) members, administrative assistants, advocates, parent coordinators, family leadership coordinators, family support coordinators and educators who have kept our schools and city running. Your care and compassion for our children and their families as been the shining light in dark times. We are so grateful for all that you do! 



Screened Middle Schools and High School Enrollment September 2021


Today, the Mayor and Chancellor announced the elimination of the academic screens in Middle School admissions and the elimination of geographic screens/priorities in High School admissions.  Thank you to all of our parent leaders and community partners who provided ideas and recommendations on how to ensure a fairer and more equitable admissions process for next year.  We will be following-up with more details in the coming weeks:


Middle School:

·         All middle school screens will be paused for this year. This includes academic screens, school-based assessments, composite scores, and auditions. Students will be admitted through a lottery-based system.

·         District and geographic priorities, as well as Diversity in Admissions priorities, will still apply for those middle schools that have them.

·         The middle school application will open the week of January 11.


High Schools:

·         Geographic priority for admissions will be eliminated over a 2-year period, beginning with the immediate elimination of district priority, followed by other geographic priorities in the next admissions cycle.

·         In consultation with their school communities, screened high schools can choose to remove their screens, utilize the Educational Option admissions method, or maintain academic screening. For those that maintain academic screening, we encourage schools to implement a Diversity in Admissions priority. 

·         Schools that choose to maintain academic screening will be able to use a combination of students’ 2018-2019 state tests and grades, and the grades from the first part of last year for their screening criteria. Schools that have used their own assessments may continue to do so as long as those assessments can be administered equitably, fairly, and safely.

·         Arts high schools will move to a common virtual audition system that will allow students to submit their audition materials online. Students will only need to create one audition that can be submitted for all schools that require it.

·         The high school application will open the week of January 18.

·         Additionally, we are required by State law to administer the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). To ensure health and safety of our staff and students, the exam will be administered in students’ own middle schools to reduce travel and different cohorts of students intermixing. Test registration will open in myschools.nyc on Monday, December 21, 2020.


For more information and details about middle and high school enrollment, please visit the DOE’s website.




Parent University is ALWAYS Open


Parent University is for all parents and family members and is always open! Parent University is a course registration and management system where NYC families can find free trainings on a wide range of topics. Parent University serves all families, from early childhood through adulthood, and seeks to educate and empower them as partners and advocates through free courses, resources, events, and activities.


Check out some of our upcoming featured live courses:

·         Post Secondary Funding Options - 1/6/2021 @ 6:00 pm

·         Job Retention and Self Advocacy in the Workplace – 1/6/2021 @ 6:00 pm

·         Work Based Learning for Families – 2/3/2021


Or check out our on-demand offerings, such as Google Classroom, How to Use Text to Understand Unknown Words or Phrases, Tweens, Teens, Tech and Mental Health, and so much more!


You can check out the site here:  https://parentu.schools.nyc/


For more information, including flyers in different languages please visit the DOE’s Family Empowerment site.



Virtual Elementary Admissions Event

Learn about 3-K, pre-K, and kindergarten admissions. Find out what to expect and how to apply. All New York City families are welcome to attend.

Sessions will be held on:

·         Wednesday, January 6 at 6pm 

·         Thursday, January 7 at 6pm (Spanish only) 

·         Tuesday, January 12 at 2pm 

Click here to register—please register for just one event. When you register, be sure to indicate your language preference; interpretation services will be provided according to demand.

We are here to support you throughout the admissions process!  If you have questions, you can:

·         Call us at 718-935-2009 or

·         Email us at ESEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov



Celebrar & Elevar

Workshop to Support Remote Learning with Spanish-Speaking Families

The DOE, in partnership with Ramapo for Children, is offering “Celebrar & Elevar,” a workshop in Spanish about strategies for families to strengthen their connection when they are learning remotely. Families may attend any of the following sessions:

·         January 6, from 5:30-6:30PM

Please share this workshop and flyer with your Spanish-speaking students and families. Participants may register for any of these sessions here: https://rb.gy/l9jzej.


PA/PTA Financial Reporting Training 

Tuesday, January 12th, 2020 10:00 am

FACE has been hosting a series of trainings for parent leaders and DOE colleagues. The next virtual training will be on PA/PTA Financial Reporting and will demonstrate how to complete financial reports for PA/PTAs.


Join us at 10 am on January 12th:


Or Telephone: Dial 646 558 8656 

Webinar ID: 831 9507 9224

Passcode: 035287



New Annual School Leadership Team (SLT) Webinar


We are excited to announce the new Annual School Leadership Team (SLT) webinar!  The video is kicked off by DOE, UFT, CSA, DC37, and Parent Leaders, as a united front in support of SLTs.  The webinar covers topics such as SLT/DLT membership roles and responsibilities, CEP development and school-based budgeting, related requirements for Title I schools, best practices, resources, and support for effective SLT/DLT operations. Collective viewing of the pre-recorded webinar will count towards the required annual SLT training for SLT member remuneration purposes (see this Remuneration Form). 


This webinar must be viewed by all SLT members, as well as BCO and superintendent teams.  Please support schools regarding required activities summarized below:

·         Principals and SLT members must view the pre-recorded webinar together and discuss these sample guiding questions during their December or January SLT meeting. See this Top 10 SLT FAQ to support the discussion.

·         Principals must complete this survey to confirm the date of their December or January SLT meeting and identify the SLT members who attend, by February 1.

·         Ongoing support for SLTs will be provided by BCO/superintendent/FACE/DLTs.


For SLT resources, visit the SLT support site and reach out to the FACE school based liaison or the BCO-assigned director of state and federal program implementation (DSFP).




Shelf Help at the New York Public Library

Discover The New York Public Library’s (NYPL) new personalized book selection service!

While browsing is limited, NYPL offers a friendly, adventurous alternative. Tell them your reading interests and they’ll pick five books for you!

Get Shelf Help now!

The New York Public Library offers a personalized book selection service through Shelf Help. Fill out the online form, call Ask NYPL, or drop off a request form at your local branch to receive new reads handpicked for you based on your interests. Await their signal then pick up a book bundle of five recommended reads.

While many branches of the Library have reopened for grab-and-go service—and have welcomed back thousands of patrons—browsing remains limited at this time. To recreate the experience of discovery that patrons love, the Library is pleased to offer Shelf Help to anyone with an NYPL Library card. 

Get a digital library card through NYPL's app, SimplyE.

There are three ways to request Shelf Help:

1.      Tell us about your reading interests here.

2.      Call Ask NYPL (917-ASK-NYPL or 917-275-6975) to connect with a member of our team, Monday to Friday, 12 PM to 5 PM. For TTY service (Text Telephone for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing), dial 212-930-0020. We’ll ask you about your interests and take it from there.

a.      Pick up a request form at one of our grab-and-go locations, or download one here, and return it to the Library on your next visit.


Job Opportunity at the City Parks Foundation

The Catalyst Grant Project Manager will report to the Director of the Catalyst program and track all goals and grant deliverables. The Project Manager will support a team of four Catalyst Organizers who lead Catalyst’s community engagement efforts in up to 16 high need communities and parks.  The full job posting can be found here
Application must be received by December 21st. 


Interested parties should email a cover letter and resume to: TEnoch@cityparksfoundation.org.  Put “Catalyst Grant Project Manager” in subject header.

City Parks Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. Only potential candidates will be contacted. No calls, please.




Students in Temporary Housing Supports


Benefits Navigator

We’re pleased to announce that the Office of Community Schools’ Students in Temporary Housing Team has just published their Benefits Navigator tool - a simple way for families to access a wide array of publicly available benefits and resources from the DOE and other city agency partners. 




Community Meal Service

There will be no food service available on the following dates. December 25th (Christmas Day) and January 1st (New Year’s Day)

There will be food service available on the following dates from 12pm to 3pm only. December 24th (Christmas Eve) and December 28th-31st (Including New Year’s Eve)

For more information about meals in New York City, check the Community Meals section on the DOE website. 



Chancellor’s Regulations


Presidents' Council Election Certification Forms

Presidents’ Councils are organizations of PA/PTA presidents (or designees) that represent the interests of parents within the respective district. Each community school district is required to have a Presidents' Council. Each borough is required to have a Presidents' Council for its high schools. Citywide Special Education (District 75) has a citywide Presidents' Council.

Presidents' councils who have already completed their elections should send their certification form signed by the Superintendent/Designee to  FACE@schools.nyc.gov .

If the President will not be able to attend the Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) Meetings, please make sure the name of the designee who will represent the council on CPAC is indicated in the last section of the form. 

To support CPAC in establishing their council we ask that you send in election certification forms as soon as elections are completed. The link for certification forms can be accessed hereor here.




In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

It’s Our Money

Young people vote and decide on how to spend $100,000 to address their needs in this moment.

The Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) is running a participatory budgeting process designed by youth, for youth, in partnership with the Coro New York Leadership Center PB Youth Fellowship Program. The goal of the project is to engage and empower young people to decide how to spend $100,000 of expense funding on projects that meet their needs, address their interests, and strengthen youth engagement across the city.

Youth provider organizations will be invited to submit proposals that directly address the ideas and needs youth identify in the first stage of the project. Youth votes will determine the projects awarded.

If you are a young person between the ages of 9-24, you are eligible to participate by submitting ideas and voting on projects that quality for an award. 

If you are an organization serving young people in the following communities (insert link), you can submit a proposal for up to 20K in funding. 

Visit https://www.participate.nyc.gov/processes/itsourmoney to learn more!


Waiver to Chancellor’s Regulation A-660

On December 11, 2020, Chancellor Carranza signed a Waiver of Sections of Chancellor’s Regulation A-660. The full text is here, below is a summary of key provisions. 

·         PA/PTAs who were unable to hold elections of their mandatory officers between 4.2.2020 and 10.31.2020 pursuant to the waiver issues on 5.5.2020 may request an extension to December 31, 2020 by submitting a request to FACE at FACE@schools.nyc.gov.

·         If a request to extend an extension of elections to December 31st has been granted, the terms of the PA/PTA officers can also be extended to December 31st, but no later than that date.

·         Presidents’ Councils who were unable to hold elections of their mandatory officers between 4.2.2020 and 10.31.2020 pursuant to the waiver issues on 5.5.2020 may request an extension to December 31, 2020 by submitting a request to FACE at FACE@schools.nyc.gov.

·         If a request to extend an extension of elections to December 31st has been granted, the terms of the Presidents’ Councils can also be extended to December 31st, but no later than that date.

·         PA/PTA meetings can be held virtually until September 2021.

·         PA/PTA’s deadline to submit the Annual Financial Report (extended to October 31st by the May 5th, 2020 waiver) was extended to November 16th, 2020.



Chancellor’s Regulations -D-Regulations

The DOE has proposed changes to Chancellor’s Regulations D-140, D-150, D-160 and D-170. These regulations address the process for the nomination and selection of the members of Community Education Councils (CR D-140), the Citywide Council on Special Education and the Citywide Council for District 75; the Citywide Council on High Schools (CR D-160) and the Citywide Council on English Language Learners (CR D-170). These proposed changes will be voted on by the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) at its January 27th, 2021 meeting. 

The proposed changes will be posted for public comment on the DOE’s website here:  


The public comment period will be open until January 26 at 6:00pm. We encourage you to review them and give us your feedback. 

Electronic Devices for Students

Whether they’re learning in-person or remote, we are committed to equipping every student with the resources they need to access a high-quality education, and we’ve delivered 62,000 new internet-enabled iPads to schools in the past four weeks. We’re working hard to get the remaining devices into the hands of students before winter break and will continue coordinating with schools to ensure their families’ device needs are met.

We’re working aggressively to distribute the new batch of 100,00 internet-enabled iPads to schools, of which 62,000 have been delivered.


Kindergarten Application Period Open

Beginning Thursday, December 10th, children born in 2016 can apply to kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year. The application deadline is Tuesday, January 19, 2021. All families who apply by the deadline will receive a kindergarten offer in April.

All families should participate in kindergarten admissions, including children currently attending pre-K, students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and students with accessibility needs.

MySchools.nyc includes an online directory tool that allows families to explore program choices, save programs of interest and submit their application, all on the same site.

Families can apply to Kindergarten in two ways, online at MySchools and over the phone by calling 718-935-2009.


Announcement on Renewed Academic Priorities

On Thursday, December 10th, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Chancellor Richard A. Carranza shared their 2021 Student Achievement Plan.


The key principles are:

·         Leveraging the innovative work educators have done over the last eight months and making the best digital curricula available to all schools 

·         Implementing diagnostic assessments to understand where students are and help teachers target instruction and accelerate learning gains 

·         Phasing in a learning management system that enables a one-stop shop for all digital components of learning 

·         Increasing professional learning  

·         Expanding Parent University to bring family support into the home through digital courses in different languages



COVID-19 Testing Report for Schools

The DOE’s  website  has been updated to include the results of COVID-19 testing at individual public schools. Mandatory in-school testing is part of the Department of Education’s comprehensive effort to keep school communities healthy and safe and ensure our school buildings remain open. You can find citywide and borough-wide testing data below, as well as information for specific schools. The DOE testing site shows results from as recent as Monday, December 7, 2020. 

For more information visit the DOE Website at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-year-20-21/return-to-school-2020/health-and-safety/covid-19-testing/covid-testing-results



A screenshot of the testing results for individual NYC public schools.



Big Apple Awards

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) is excited to announce the nomination period for the ninth annual Big Apple Awards. We encourage you to celebrate outstanding educators in your community by nominating them for the Big Apple Awards by January 10th. 

We need your help to highlight some of our city’s best teachers and celebrate the dedicated educators who serve our 1.1 million students. We hope you will help spread the word—and consider making a nomination yourself!

To make a nomination, visit http://schools.nyc.gov/bigappleawards.

Nominations accepted through Sunday, January 10

Click here for more information.


IT Help Desk and Resources for Remote Learning for Families

The DOE’s IT HELP DESK AND RESOURCES FOR REMOTE LEARNING in EnglishSpanish and ChineseArabic,Bengla/BengaliFrenchRussianUrduKorean and Haitian-Creole are here. This document outlines resources that are available to our families to support remote learning.




We hope that you have a wonderful break and wish you a peaceful New Year.


Warm Regards,

The FACE Team


FACE Update 7/24/20

We hope everyone is doing well and finding time to enjoy the summer.  This week, DOE announced guidelines around physical education and art for remote and in-person instruction.  Our schools and district/central offices are busy planning for re-opening, and will continue to provide more updates as they come.  As always, thank you for uplifting parent voice and helping to ensure that our communities are informed and empowered.  Below is an overview of what’s happening next week: 

Registering for Remote-Only Learning 

Parents have two choices: (1) 100% Remote Learning (all online, from home); or (2) Combination of In-Person and Remote Learning where students follow their school’s schedule of a mix of in-person and remote learning days.  Parents should make their choices by completing this survey by August 7, 2020.   

Parents who need assistance in completing this survey can call 311.  If you chose 100% Remote Learning but want to change your child’s preference back to Blended Learning, you should fill out the form again by August 7.  After August 7, any family who chose 100% Remote Learning will have the option to change back to Blended Learning at a few specific times during the school year. 

Family and Student Information Sessions  

Please join us for our upcoming Family and Student Information Sessions where our Department of Education leadership will share the latest updates as we plan for the return to schools in Fall 2020.   

Next Tuesday, families will be able to hear re-opening updates directly from the Chancellor who will be joined by all of our Executive Superintendents.  The event will feature a Q&A where Executive Superintendents will answer questions from families about the re-opening plans rolling out in their districts.  Below are the links to register: 

·         Tuesday, July 28, 2020 from 6:30-8pm 

·         Wednesday, August 12, 2020 from 6:30-8pm 

·         Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 6:30-8pm 


Family Engagement Toolkit for Schools  

Face has shared a family engagement toolkit for schools.  The toolkit includes guidance, strategies, and resources to support communications and engagement efforts.  The toolkit gives schools samples that make family engagement easier and provides a sample calendar, letters and agendas that can be modified to fit schools’ needs.    


Apple Workshops 

Apple is hosting virtual learning sessions for parents and guardians from July 27th - August 22nd  on topics ranging from how to set up an iPad and how to manage parental controls to a review of build-in apps and features.  Learn more here


UFT Workshops for Parents 

During the summer, UFT will be offering a host of workshops for parents on Thursdays from 5-6pm.  The topics are below, and you can register here

July 30: Dare to Lead, a Leadership Workshop for Parents 

Aug. 6: Cleaning Your Home Safely  

Aug. 13: Social-Emotional Learning for Parents  

Aug. 20: Meeting Governance for Parent-Teacher Associations — Amending Bylaws and Creating Standing Rules  

Aug. 27: Leadership 2.0, a Second Leadership Workshop for Parents  

Sept. 2: Growing Up Cavity-Free, an Oral Health Workshop for Families 


5 Day Virtual Institute for Parents of MLLS 

The Office of Multi-lingual Learners is offering a 5-day Virtual Institute for Parents of ELLS.  Parents can register here, and a description of the sessions is listed below:  

·         Thursday, July 23 - 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Know Your Rights 1. Learn more about the Rights for Parents of English Learners 

·         Tuesday, July 28 - 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM  - Know Your Rights 2. Learn more about the Identification of ELLs/Commissioner's Regulation Part 154 

·         Wednesday, July 29 - 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM  - Know Your Rights 3. Geared towards Undocumented families and online/offline resources for immigrant families 

·         Tuesday, August 4 - 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM  - Bilingual Programs 

·         Thursday, August  6 - 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM  -  College Planning 

Families will receive the information to log in one-day before the event.  The 60-minute English sessions will be interpreted in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Haitian Creole.  The 30-minute group sessions will be led in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese, Haitian Creole, Polish, Uzbek, by our partners in Citywide Council for English Language Learners. 

LIVE Virtual Summer Field Trips for Families 

In partnership with parent leaders, we have organized a series of LIVE virtual summer field trips with cultural institutions across NYC.  Here are the trips that families can log onto next week: 

·         Sumer Art Studio at the Whitney Muesum for PreK-5 | July 28 | 11AM-11:40AM  

Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials.  

·         Star Stories at the Intrepid for grades 3-12 | July 28 | 3PM-4PM  

Using images of the night sky, stories from different cultures and examples of simple navigation tools, an Intrepid Museum Educator will help participants view their sky in a whole new way. 

·          Meet Victoria at the Tenement Museum for grades K-8 | July 29 | 11AM-12PM  

Journey back in time to 1916 and learn from an actor playing Victoria Confino, a real 14-year-old girl who immigrated to the United States in 1913. Victoria will show us her home, and share stories of her daily life and how her family keeps their culture alive through food, language, holidays and more. Throughout the program, participants will have a chance to ask Victoria their own questions. 

·         Summer Art Studio at the Whitney Museum for grades 6-8 | July 29 | 11AM-11:40AM  

Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials. Join us to create your own version of Experiments of Color inspired by Emma Amos. 

·         What Floats Your Boat at the Intrepid for grades 3-12 | July 30 | 3PM-4PM  

How exactly does a ship float? Join the Intrepid Museum as we learn about the steps engineers take as they carry out a project such as making a ship large as Intrepid float and create your own floating vessels. For kids and adults at home. Materials: A sheet of foil, large bowl, and 20 to 40 pennies. 

·         Summer Art Studio at the Whitney Museum for grades 9-12 | July 31 | 11AM-11:40AM  

 Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials. Join us to create your own version of Experiments of Color inspired by Emma Amos. 

·         Exploring Creative Careers at the MET for grades 9-12 | July 31 | 1PM-3PM  

How can artists and art lovers turn their interests into careers? Join the MET on this interactive virtual event to investigate careers in the arts, discover new interests, hear from creative professionals, and build your skills in special workshops. 

School Programming Exceptions Guidance 

The Department of Education has developed three baseline programming options for schools to choose from, as plans for re-opening are underway. The proposed models are based on analysis of system-wide constraints, national research, international best practices, parent and student surveys, and school leader focus groups. The models intend to support schools as they address the needs of their students and families and align with health and safety guidance. Proposed models exist for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools; two additional models are available for District 75 schools. In extreme cases where, for example, schools are managing space and staffing issues, schools can apply for an exception to implement an innovative model that will address these specific needs (see below for details). Exceptions will be considered only in the most of extreme circumstances.  Families will be notified of their student’s specific schedule in late August. 

School Programming Model Selection Process 

·         Principals will review all programming models with the School Leadership Team, inclusive of Chancellor’s recommended models, which prioritize consistency for families. 

·         Schools will host engagement meeting with families by August 10, 2020 to receive parent input on programming model selection. Schools are encouraged to present families with 2 potential models during the initial engagement period. For general resources to engage families, see Family Engagement Toolkit. 

·         Principals will share, in writing, the models that the School Leadership Team is considering with all families. If for any reason a District Review Team (defined below) rejects a school’s submission, schools will need to reassess models with their school community and SLT and reach out to families in writing (a second time). Alternatively, schools that presented families with 2 potential models during the initial engagement period can reference those engagements should they need to revise their proposed plan based on the District Review Team’s feedback. 

·         Schools will have the opportunity to reconsider their initial selections as COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodations staff responses and data from the Learning Preference Survey are available and updated up until August 14, 2020. 

·         Principals will submit preferred models for approval by their District Review Team using the School Programming Model Selection Survey(Open external link) by August 14, 2020. 

Upon approval, schools will notify students and families by late August. 

Exceptions Process 

Only in the following situations, may a school request an exception to the proposed programming models: 

·         The recommended models are not feasible given space, staffing, family choice and expected in-person attendance. 

·         Schools have unique programmatic needs that must be addressed, to better meet the needs of the community and has staff and parental support. 

In these limited cases, schools will be asked to submit an exceptions request explaining: 

·         Why existing models don’t meet their community’s needs 

·         How their proposed model better responds to their: 

o    Space/capacity issues 

o    Staffing concerns 

o    Learning Preference Survey results 

o    Specific programmatic need (multiple grade bans, i.e. K-8; CTE, etc.) 

Note: No group of students may be prioritized above students with disabilities for in-person instruction, such that members of that group receive more in-person instructional time or in-person instructional ahead of a student with disability. 

School exceptions to DOE-defined models must be afforded by the school’s budget. Program model exceptions should not be approved where costs exceed school funding. 

Prior to submission, principals in co-located buildings must share the proposed exception plan with campus principals to facilitate smooth scheduling of shared spaces. 

If a school submits an exception request, the school is required to share the exception model with families prior to submitting a proposal to the District Review Team. This includes holding at least one parent meeting where families can provide input on the programming selection prior to submitting the exception request. 

Additionally, principals must receive signed approval of the proposed model from the School Leadership Team and indicate this approval within the School Programming Model Selection Survey

Principals in co-located buildings must share the exception plan with campus principal/s to ensure adequate scheduling of shared spaces without disruption of other school’s programs. 

Superintendents Process for Review: District Review Team 

Each Superintendent must establish a District Review Team (DRT) to review and approve all schools’ reopening plans. This includes schools choosing from pre-identified programming model options and those submitting exceptions. To ensure that every criterion is considered in the approval or request for revision of a plan, District Review Teams (DRTs) should include varied personnel from across the Superintendent Team/District, Borough Citywide Office (B/CO), and Central Office. At minimum, DRTs must include: 

·         Superintendent 

·         Academic Policy, Performance, and Assessment Lead (APPA) 

·         Instructional Personnel (from BCO and/or Superintendent’s Team) 

·         Director of Operations 

·         Human Resources Director or Budget Director 

·         Additional point as per Executive Superintendent 

It is highly recommended for DRTs to include added instructional and planning personnel, including the T-DEC, Director of Teaching and Learning, Instructional Technology Director (where applicable), B/CO staff who support special populations, and/or relevant members of the Central Office (i.e. from Division of Multilingual Learners). Team members will have access to the School Programming Model Selection District Review Tracker, which will be available beginning July 30, 2020. 

The District Review Team must review each school’s model selection and articulate their approval or disapproval of each school’s program, as well as the rationale for their decision, within the tracker. The District Review Team should consider additional information when determining the viability and approval status of the school’s model selection. This information might include, but is not limited to: 

·         The school model choice number or details for how the exception request meets the requirements laid out by the proposed models 

·         Why other model choices do not apply/reason for exception 

·         Number of children selecting 100% remote learning (as per Family Learning Preference surveys) 

·         Staff accommodations (number of staff requesting COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodations) 

·         Requisite space and facilities-specific information, including square footage 

·         Efforts to address co-location challenges, including assurance from the campus council that plan does not infringe on other schools in the building 

·         Efforts to address specific needs based on student populations or programs (ASD Nest, MLL, CTE, etc.) 

·         Efforts to maintain COVID-19 safety and health guidelines 

·         Specific information about scheduling and programming 

·         Confirmation that the exception plan can be funded with existing school budget 

·         Consultation with B/CO Transportation Liaison regarding busing 

Upon the District Review Team’s approval of pre-identified models, the school will be informed of its status so that it may begin to program students. If the District Review Team does not approve a pre-identified model, which will only occur if it is not possible to logistically implement the model, the school will automatically be notified so that it can work with their Superintendent to select another model. 

The District Review Team is expected to review all exception requests with the Executive Superintendent. 

·         Exception requests with a status of ‘Central Review Required’ will be automatically forwarded to the Central Review Team (defined below) for Central DOE approval. Any recommendations or comments from the District Review Team or Executive Superintendent will be included for the Central Review Team to review. 

·         All exception approvals and denials must be reviewed with the Executive Superintendent. 

Central Process for Review of Exception Requests 

To ensure that all exception requests meet DOE standards and guidelines, DOE will develop a Central Review Team consisting of members from Academic Policy, District Planning, Space Planning, DHC, OPT, MLL, and SEO to review all exceptions requests. 

·         Once a superintendent reviews an exception and has preliminarily approved the request, they will mark the decision as ‘Requires Central Review.’ This will automatically submit the request to the Central Review Team. 

·         The Central Review Team will then review each request routed to them, using the Central Review Tracker, to ensure viability. 

·         Once the Central Review Team grants final approval, with a decision of ‘Approved’, the school principal will receive an email and the result will be stored in the tracker. 

Key Dates 

·         8/7: Learning Preference Surveys due 

·         8/10: Schools receive Learning Preference Survey results and staff accommodation approval results 

·         8/14: Last day for principals submit program model selection or exception requests 

·         8/21: Last day for Superintendents and District Review Teams to review all school submissions . 

·         8/21: Schools with DRT approval, may begin programming students. 

·         8/28: Last day for re-submission of models (only schools whose model submissions were not approved by DRT during initial submission). 

·         8/28: Last day for the Central Review Team (CRT) to approve exception requests 

·         8/28: Schools with CRT approval begin programming 

·         8/28: Schools can notify parents 

·         8/28: School plans are posted 


NYSED Interim Commissioner Resigned 

Shannon Tahoe, who has served as acting and interim commissioner of education since November 2019, will leave the State Education Department on Aug. 13. No successor has been named.  The Board of Regents continues its search to find a permanent commissioner and expects to appoint an acting commissioner before Aug. 13. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Issued Re-opening Guidance 

This week, the CDC issued guidance on re-opening for school districts.   

Professional Developments for Family Facing Staff 

Future Ready Summer Series July 29, 2020 Flyer Future Ready Summer Series  

This online session is designed to develop student leaders who take ownership over their postsecondary planning journey. The College Career Planning Team will take a hands-on approach to researching colleges and programs that students can see themselves attending. We will walk students through the process of seeking out opportunity programs, campus resources, apprenticeships and offices that are designed to support their postsecondary plans, with the goal that students feel more confident in their postsecondary list. 

Summer 2020 Tech Ambassador Program 

The DOE is partnering with New York Cares to launch the Summer 2020 Tech Ambassador Program. Through this program, volunteer staff can connect with families who need tech support with their DOE-issued iPads and help resolve other remote-learning inquires. FACE Invites parent coordinators, family support coordinators, and family leadership coordinators to register for an upcoming training session, by July 29, to learn more about this opportunity. Family Liaisons will also be notified via email from FACE@schools.nyc.gov

Watch Party Wednesday:  Kognito At-Risk 

During this pandemic, we are all at increased risk for trauma.  To create a community of awareness, New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in partnership with the Department of Education has adopted the Kognito At-Risk Suite, an online role-play simulation to help us learn to recognize signs of distress, use conversations to approach a student and discuss our concerns, and if necessary refer parents/students to the appropriate resources.  Please register (in advance) at the link below to attend this Watch Party Wednesday on July 29th at 1:00 pm to learn about the Kognito At-Risk Suite:    


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you have any questions, please email FACE @schools.nyc.gov   

We hope that you and your families and safe, healthy and enjoying the summer.  Thank you for your continued partnership. 

FACE UPDATE 7/20/2020

Dear Parent Leaders and Family Facing Professionals, 


Thanks to all of you that were able to join us on Thursday, July 16th for the Student and Family Information Session! Over 25,000 people were able to join the Chancellor and his cabinet at this live virtual session. Thursday’s event was the first in a series of central information events, and we look forward to seeing you at our next Information Session. 


ILearning Preference Survey 

As many of you know, last week we announced our preliminary guidance for principals to plan for the 2020-2021 school year. 

This fall, NYC schools will offer a combination of in-person and remote learning.  

Parents can choose from two options: 

1. 100% Remote Learning (all online, from home). OR 

2. Combination of In-Person and Remote Learning: Students can follow their school’s schedule, a mix of in-person days at school and remote learning days from home. To choose this option, no action is needed: the school will be in touch about its schedule and programming plans in the coming weeks.  

Parents should make their choices by completing this survey by August 7, 2020.  If you or a parent you know is having difficulties completing this survey, please call 311.  If you chose 100% Remote Learning but want to change your child’s preference back to Blended Learning, you should fill out the form again by August 7.  After August 7, any family who chose 100% Remote Learning will have the option to change back to Blended Learning at a few specific times during the school year. 


Family and Student Information Sessions 

Yesterday, we hosted our first Family and Student Information Session – thank you to everyone who attended!  We had over 25,000 people log on to watch the event, and it was broadcast on Bronx Net’s public access television station.  We received thousands of questions from parents and community members registering for the event, and will be using them to create an FAQ. 

Please join us for our upcoming Student and Family Information Sessions where our Department of Education leadership will share the latest updates as we plan for the return to schools in Fall 2020.  Registration for all upcoming sessions (dates below) is open here

·         Tuesday, July 28, 2020 

·         Wednesday, August 12, 2020 

·         Thursday, August 27, 2020 


New York State Education Department Issued School Reopening Guidance 

This week, the New York State Education Department released guidance to help schools and school districts as they plan to reopen, whether that occurs in person, remotely, or in a combination of the two.  The guidance builds on the Framework of Guidance that the Department presented to the Board of Regents on Monday, July 13th and can be found here:  http://www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/programs/reopening-schools/nys-p12-school-reopening-guidance.pdf 

Family Engagement Toolkit for Schools 

Today, we shared our family engagement toolkit for schools.  The toolkit includes guidance, strategies, and resources to support communications and engagement efforts.  The toolkit gives schools samples that make family engagement easier and provides a sample calendar, letters and agendas that can be modified to fit schools’ needs.   


NYC Announcement about Childcare 

This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a public childcare program that will see kids supervised in public and private locations across the five boroughs.  New York City will provide childcare to 100,000 New York City kids this fall as the Department of Education, in an attempt to protect students from novel coronavirus, offers in-school learning two or three days a week.  



We’re happy to let you know about a new app, called Learn at Home. This app is now available on all DOE-issued iPads. The Learn at Home app is helpful in supporting students’ remote-learning needs—giving parents, students, and staff the ability to stay connected and informed through quick access to student accounts, other learning apps and technical support. 

The app provides students with links to all the tools they need to attend class, complete assignments, and track their progress. The Learn at Home features can be accessed by using this link: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home 


Reopening:  School Busing Update 

We are currently assessing student busing and transportation options for fall 2020.  We are working to make other options available like the MTA and TLC, and will provide an update when we have more information. 


NYC DOE Budgets 

This week, DOE’s central offices received their budget for the next school year.  CCECs also received their budgets (same as last year) - please contact your SGO for more information. 


New Superintendent, District 4 

Effective Monday, July 27th, Dr. Kristy De La Cruz will begin as Community Superintendent of District 4 in Manhattan. Most recently, Dr. De La Cruz served as Deputy Superintendent of District 9 in the Bronx, where she assisted the Community District Superintendent in overseeing 48 schools, including selecting, supporting, and evaluating principals. In addition to serving as Deputy Superintendent, Dr. De La Cruz has over 25 years of experience in education, serving as a teacher, principal, and English as a New Language (ENL)/Bilingual Coordinator. She has worked in New York City public schools since 2001.  

Selection concluded following consultation with the district and a C-37 process that incorporated community and parent input, including the CEC. Schools, families, and students have been notified. Dr. De La Cruz will begin a listening tour throughout the district, meeting with schools and community members.  


Welcome to Dr. De La Cruz! 


Professional Development Opportunities for Parent Coordinators, FLCs, FSCs 

We know that during this pandemic students, as well as the general population, are at increased risk for trauma.  To create a community of awareness, New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in partnership with the Department of Education has adopted the Kognito At-Risk Suite, an online role-play simulation to help us learn to recognize signs of distress, use conversations to approach a student and discuss our concerns, and if necessary refer parents/students to the appropriate resources. 

Please register (in advance) at the link below to attend this Watch Party Wednesday on July 29th at 1:00 pm to learn about the Kognito At-Risk Suite:   


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you have any questions, please email FACE @schools.nyc.gov  

Virtual Summer Field Trips 

The DOE has partnered with museums across the city to offer over 100 virtual summer field trips that can be taken anytime, and live virtual museum events. In addition, we are hosting citywide summer challenges, including: song and dance, creating a pixel portrait of yourself in Minecraft, a backyard bird scavenger hunt, augmented reality workshops, and much more. The virtual field trips, museum events, and challenges will be updated each week on this page, so please check back regularly! 


Jobs and internships 

Virtual internships for high school and college students: The Knowledge House, Student Dream and Bloc invite students to apply for summer internships in data analytics, software development, digital marketing and more. These internships pay between $500 and $1,200 and require a commitment of five-10 hours per week. They’ll run from July 15 to Aug. 26. Find out more » 

Jobs with the U.S. Census Bureau for students and parents: Anyone over the age of 18 who is a U.S. citizen is eligible to apply for a job with the 2020 Census. These are temporary jobs with flexible hours. To learn more and apply, visit the website » 

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Summer Bridge for ages 14 to 24: In place of SYEP this year, students and young adults are invited to apply for Summer Bridge, a paid career-training program with opportunities to meet with professionals, build professional skills and make your voice heard in your community. There is a stipend for participating. The application deadline is this Wednesday, July 15. Learn more and apply » 


Classes and Camps 

Virtual summer classes from Varsity Tutors: Check out free, online summer classes for students in kindergarten through college in subjects including art, computer science, languages and more. Find out more » 

Virtual summer camp from Camp Kinda: Students in kindergarten through 8th grade can enjoy free weekly activities from Camp Kinda until Sept. 1. Activities can be done on your family’s schedule and won’t keep kids glued to a screen. Learn more and enroll » 

STEM and literacy-building projects from Camp Wonderopolis: Kids of all ages and their parents can enroll in Camp Wonderopolis for free, online summer-learning activities that explore music, literature, STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and more. Check it out » 

Weekly law workshops for high school students: The New York City Bar Association invites high school students to free, online workshops from 4 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday. These workshops will cover topics of interest to students considering a career in law. See the schedule and register » 


Fresh Air Fund 

Virtual camp for children ages 7 to 13: Fresh Air Everywhere offers fun, small-group activities and interactive theme projects on topics like nature, art, time travel and more. Kids will be mailed an activity box full of goodies to help them participate. Learn more and register » 

Outdoor activities in New York City parks for children ages 5 to 13: The Fresh Air Summer Spaces program offers two-hour drop-in sessions at neighborhood-based locations with supervised outdoor activities such as arts and crafts, games and dance parties. Learn more and register » 


More resource lists 


·         45+ Virtual Summer Camps to Keep Kids Busy While Safely Social Distancing 

·         30 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer 

·         22 Virtual Summer Camps to Keep the Kids Entertained (and You Sane) This Summer 


We hope that you are taking time to enjoy this summer with you families.  Thank you for your continued partnership, and please have a great weekend. 


The FACE Team

Dear Family Support Professionals, 


Here we are at the beginning of a new month – we hope that you are doing well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. Below is the end of the week wrap up. Please feel free to distribute this information to your community.  

Parent Coordinator Website 

Calling all Parent Coordinators! The Parent Coordinator website is live! Parent Coordinators are joining every day and we are looking forward to our Community growing even more. All Parent Coordinators and Family Leadership Coordinators will need to create a username and password to access the site, and our organization code is PCNYC1025. 

Next week’s watch party will be featuring district 7’s FLC Timothy Coleman who has been organizing creative events for parents throughout the school year.  He is continuing to develop innovating skills during remote learning to support families.  One of his strategies is starting a weekly podcast series for parents and hosting a virtual multi-cultural festival for the district.  Please join us on Wednesday, May 6th at 10AM to listen and engage in this live discussion to continue empowering families.  

Grading Policy 

This week, Mayor Bill De Blasio and Chancellor Richard A. Carranza announced an adjusted K-12 city-wide grading policy. The policy maintains a high bar for student achievement, gives flexibility to families and students grappling with the COVID-19 crisis, and provides targeted support to students who have fallen behind.  A summary of the policy is below: 


Marking Period Grades 

For Grades K-12, schools must use their existing grading scales for marking period grades for the rest of the year. 

Final Grades 

Grades K-5: Schools will award grades using a binary Meets Standards and Needs Improvement scale to ensure students are demonstrating mastery of the learning outcomes for their required courses. No failing grades will be given.  

 Grades 6-8: Schools will award grades using three values: Meets Standards, Needs Improvement, and Course in Progress for those students where there is not enough information for teachers to assess. No failing grades will be given, and this will not factor into their GPA. 

Grades 9-12: Schools will continue with the same grading scales they had before remote learning except any failing grade on the scale would be changed to Course in Progress. No failing grades will be given. Students will be given the time they need to complete the course and earn the credit, through January 2021. High school students who have successfully completed and earned credit for a course will have the option to change their grade to a binary ‘credit/no credit’ scale after receiving their report card grade. Grades changed to ‘credit’ will not be included in their GPA, but will still count toward graduation.   


Face-to-Face Letters and Guidance for Sharing Records with Families 

During this time, when schools are not physically in session, the Human Resources Administration (HRA) will no longer require or ask for “face-to-face” letters as evidence of family composition letters from families who are applying for Cash Assistance (CA) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  For more information about accessing records during remote learning, please visit here. 


Advancement Placement Exam Fees 

In response to the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19, the DOE is extending coverage of AP exam fees for spring 2020 (including the late-testing window in June) to include all students. In prior years, the DOE has only covered the cost of AP exams for economically disadvantaged students. This year, the DOE will cover all base AP exam fees, which is the basic cost of the exam, and late order fees, while the College Board will waive all other fees, including canceled, unused, and late-testing fees. The College Board will not assess any fees for exams not taken in spring 2020. 

On March 20 the College Board announced it would be shifting all paper-based AP exams to online testing, which students may complete at home. A small number of AP courses will not have final online exams and will instead have a written paper or portfolio requirement that will be used to determine an exam score; a full list of exam offerings, testing schedule, and submission deadlines is available on the AP Coronavirus Updates page. 

A family/student letter can be found here: (Word | PDF). Translated versions will be available on this Google Drive page by May 6. 


Let’s Learn NYC! On WNET/PBS 

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza announced the launch of Let’s Learn NYC!, a new educational public television program produced by the WNET Group in partnership with the New York City Department of Education (DOE) featuring lessons for children in 3K through second grade that will supplement remote learning.  Programming will offer age-appropriate content that is aligned to standards and lessons for early childhood education and includes foundational reading skills, literacy, math, social studies, and science. 


NY Cares Partnership with Parent Coordinators 

I am happy to share this wonderful partnership with NY Cares! NY Cares has offered to provide parent coordinators with one on one technical support, which would include: 

 Virtual volunteers supporting family engagement workshops 

 Virtual volunteer training for parent coordinators in setting up devices for families who received a DOE device 

 Virtual volunteers supporting any technical support needed on video conference set up 

 Virtual support for parent coordinators who are interested in creating a google classroom or google website for family engagement 

 Virtual volunteers will provide consultation on how to set up DOE approved communication tools for school updates. 

For parent coordinator to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, please sign up on this link https://forms.gle/yZmDQ2vUw2ND35ANA     


 August 2020 Regents Exam Cancelled 

This week, New York State Education Department (NYSED) announced the cancellation of all Regents exams that were scheduled for the August 2020 Regents examination period.  NYSED further explained that the cancellations were in part because of uncertainty as to when regular school attendance would resume, and whether students would be adequately prepared to take the regents examinations with the interruptions in regular schooling due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Launch of Remote Learning Technical Support Ticket System for Families 

The DOE is launching a family-facing Remote Learning Technical Support ticket system. Families (or someone on their behalf) can submit requests for technical support for a broad range of issues, including application support, lost, stolen, or broken devices, and delivery status, though the Technical Support for Families page. Note that when families select a topic and issue in the ticket submission form, the form will automatically list common resolutions to technical support problems; if the suggested resolutions do not resolve the family’s issue, they can continue to submit a tech support ticket by completing the form. 

This family-facing system, and the DOE staff remote learning support ticket system, is intended to replace emails to the SchoolDevices@schools.nyc.gov inbox.   

Mental Health and Wellness Training for PCs, FLCs, FSCs, FACE and Parent Leaders 

We know how challenging and stressful this time is for everyone. Families and students are anxious, many of us are grieving the loss of loved ones and we may feel isolated and unsupported.   

PCs, FLCs, FSC, and FACE liaisons have been invited to join a training hosted by FACE and the Division of Climate and Wellness on Friday, May 8th. 

Friday, May 8 


Event number: 793 145 132 

Event password: FACE 

Dial-in phone number: 1-844-992-4726  

Click to Join event via computer 

CEC members and Presidents’ Council presidents have been invited to join FACE and DSCW on Monday May 4th for a parent leader training.  Presentation Details are as follows: 

Monday, May 4 

Click to Join event via computer 

Event number (access code): 792 314 428 

Event password: FACE 
Dial-in number via phone: 1-844-992-4726  


Multilingual Mondays 

DML’s Postsecondary Readiness Team will be hosting #MultilingualMondays on Monday, May 4th from 2pm - 2:45pm for students and families in Spanish!  This session will be comprised of live and recorded sessions, and focused on the College Search process.  Join this #MultilingualMonday event to learn more about different types of colleges and universities, understand the components of an application, and take steps to take to create a college plan. 

Date:          May 4, 2020 

Time:         2:00pm – 2:45pm 

Where:       meet.google.com/kzf-uoyj-vya 

Call-in:      470-310-0673 

PIN:           664 415 859# 


Teacher Appreciation Week 

As we head into the month of May, we are asking families and community members to help us share gratitude for our 150,000 dedicated educators.  Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8 this year and we ask that you support us in celebrating our amazing teachers. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Use and share the “Thank You Tool " to send a customized appreciation email to any DOE teacher. There is no limit to how many teachers you can thank using the tool, and it is open to anyone. Please encourage students, school staff, parents, families, and other community members to use the tool. 

Share your message on social media. Join the celebration online! Use the hashtag #ThankATeacherNYC or #DOEConnected to share your appreciation for teachers across the DOE. 

Send a direct email to teachers that have added meaning to your life. This message may thank teachers for their hard work, or simply for being someone to lean on.   

If you have any questions, please email teacherexcellence@schools.nyc.gov


East Flatbush Community Aid 

The East Flatbush Community Partnership is launching the East Flatbush Community Aid initiative. The East Flatbush Community Partnership is offering community aid cash assistance to families.  The aid is only to pay for utility bills and will come in the form of gift cards.  A family may receive up to two gift cards. Each card is valued at $75.00.  Click here to access the request form.  After completing the form, send a copy of the utility bill(s) to reidc@jccany.org. No request form will be acknowledged without a copy of the utility bill(s). 


Panel for Education Policy (PEP) Meeting  - Thursday, May 7th 

Due to technological difficulties, PEP has been rescheduled to May 7, 2020 at 6:00 PM. Prior to the meeting, guidance on how to access the meeting will be posted here. 


U.S. Census 

As we face the new challenges brought by COVID-19, there’s one easy thing we can all do to support our children, our schools, and our communities for years to come: fill out the 2020 Census. The 2020 Census will determine how much funding our schools and public services receive over the next 10 years. NYC receives more than $781 million every year in Title I funding schools thanks to the census, as well as millions for special education grants, for extra supplies, more technology, professional development for staff, and hiring more teachers. On top of this, the census helps determine funding for Early Learn Centers, In-School and Out-of-School Youth Programs, child care programs, and more. These resources will be more important than ever as we rebuild from this crisis and we want to make sure everyone in our school system is counted. You can complete the census in just a few minutes: online at my2020census.gov or over the phone by calling 844-330-2020 until October 31, 2020.  

Parents, caregivers and teachers can explore US Census Bureau at-home or distance learning census activities. There are over 200 free learning activities and resources to choose from for children in pre-K through 12th grade. These are a great opportunity to learn together about our country, state, and local community. Students can also take the Statistics in Schools Online Quiz. 

The US Census Bureau NYC Partnership Team can also provide assistance. Get in touch with US Census Bureau NYC: Call: 212-882-2130 or Email: new.york.rcc.partnership@2020census.gov 

Families, friends, and neighbors are in a unique position to help spread the word and make sure we achieve a complete count. Help make sure the people in your network are being counted in the 2020 Census! Learn more about NYC Census 2020 and the sophisticated, multilingual campaign to be deployed across key messaging platforms being used extensively in immigrant communities, including WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Viber, and others.   



We have delivered tablets to all 267,000+ families that requested them by April 23rd! The iPads are internet enabled through T-mobile, so students can immediately access online remote learning with these devices.  If families still need a device, please encourage them to fill out the Remote Learning Device Request Form - we will continue to distribute iPads to families that need them until we reach 300K. 


Meal Hubs 

We are serving over 450,000 New Yorkers daily at our grab and go meal hubs, where people can pick up three free meals a day.  At select locations, we serve halal, kosher, and vegetarian meals.  The grab and go meal hubs are open from 7:30am – 1:30 pm.  To learn the location of the nearest grab and go meal site, please visit our website at www. schools. nyc.gov or text COMIDA or FOOD to 877-877. 


Regional Enrichment Centers 

We are operating Regional Enrichment Centers across the city, which serve the children of our city’s essential workers.  We are serving approximately 8,000 students daily, over half of whom are the children of medical workers. And, those regional enrichment centers serve medical workers, first responders, transit workers, and we just added new eligibility for restaurant/food/takeout and delivery workers and residential and commercial building staff.  Families can sign up on our website. 

Apple Learning Series 

Apple Education Learning Series offers training to help you use Apple products and their built-in features to enable remote learning for all students.  As a follow-up to the series, you can also participate in virtual conferences led by Apple Professional Learning Specialists. Visit the virtual conferences schedule to find events in your time zone.  


Thank you all for your dedication to our families!  


We hope that you have a good weekend. 


The FACE Team 

Friday, May 1st, 2020 


Please visit the DOE website for ongoing updates.